Golega SpECIAL TRAIL RIDE   29.10. - 03.11.2024

Discover the real Portugal and ride our amazing Lusitano horses - Ride your dreams!                                      Ride to the Lusitano horse festival in Golegã

6 days trail ride to the Lusitano horse festival in Golegã 29. October to 03. November 2024. This is a rare chance to step back into history, and discover the legend that is the home of the Lusitano horse.


Nothing can prepare you for the experience of riding the noble and loyal Lusitano horse renowned for their generous and willing nature they will introduce you to a riding experience like no other. This trail takes you back in time; you will be able to ride into the Capital of horses, Golegã! For centuries horse men have ridden their steeds into the streets of this historic town, paraded in traditional costume and competed to find the finest of this pure and athletic breed. This year you will have the chance to be part of this historic scene, to experience the thrill that is GOLEGA FESTIVAL OF THE LUSITANO HORSE. For ten days in November the usually quiet town of Golegã transforms into a scene from medieval history this is the horse lovers 'swimming with dolphins'. This is your special invitation to ride with us and feel the unique atmosphere of this spectacle. The ride consists of small groups, on fit horses capable of long trots and enthusiastic canters. Ride your dreams and feel the difference! Experience the noblesse of the Lusitano horse and find the real Portugal here in our Ribatejo region. The Golegã horse festival is certainly one of the finest ways to get a deep and unforgettable impression of the Lusitano horses.


This ride is completely dedicated to the Lusitano horses! You will find amazing countryside in the heart of the Ribatejo region in the centre of Portugal and you have the chance to feel the unique atmosphere of our Lusitano horse Festival!!


To enjoy this trail you should feel comfortable to ride in all three paces, walk, trot and canter.

For more information and to book this trail please contact me!

Golegã Special Trail

Month Date free places

November 2024

29.10.-03.11.2024 0

Ride your Dreams!